Bridge Refugee Services was founded in Knoxville in 1982. A branch office was opened in Chattanooga in 1994. In the past 10 years, Bridge has resettled more than 2,400 refugees from Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, and the Middle East.

Bridge Refugee Services assists refugees and asylees orientating and case management to learn how to live in the US, and early employment. Prior to a family’s arrival, Case Managers and staff arrange for housing, household items, food, job interviews, etc. to help the family begin making Knoxville or Chattanooga its home. In the succeeding months, case managers work with clients to assess their goals, set them up with English classes, connect families to local schools and other educational opportunities and help them navigate their new communities. Bridge provides unique, personalized support that sets up clients to be successful and self-sufficient as soon as possible.

Join APC in helping make Knoxville and East Tennessee a welcoming community for those desperately in need. So many of these people have been forced to leave their homelands against their will. Let’s open our arms and show them compassion during this time of need.

Your donation supports refugees building new lives in East Tennessee. It pays for furniture, rent, utilities, and transportation until they are able to get jobs and support themselves. It provides assistance during times of medical crisis, personal emergency, or job loss. It supports refugees’ path to employment and self-sufficiency. And it makes sure they receive the case management support they need to be successful.