401(k) Rollover Decision Flowchart

Do you have an old 401(k) account that you’re wondering what to do with? There are a number of important questions to ask before making a rollover decision. Our 401(k) rollover decision flowchart will guide you through some of the most common issues that should be considered:

  • IRA and 401(k) features and differences
  • Income options based on your age
  • Company stock
  • 401(k) loans

Ten Financial Scams That Target the Elderly

You are likely familiar with the concept of Identity Theft, but what about Romance scams, Robocall Scams, or even Grandparent Scams? Here are the most common financial scams to watch for. You’ll want to download and share this with friends and family today!

Ten Tips On How To Select A Certified Financial Planner

Not sure who you can trust? We totally get it. Our mission is to help people just like you to find the right financial planning options for them. If you’re on Google searching for a financial advisor, what are you really looking for? An independent financial adviser? Wealth management? Investment advice? An asset manager? Financial advice? A financial advisor near me? Retirement planning? Best asset management team in Knoxville, Maryville or Oak Ridge? Download our free guide for step-by-step instructions for choosing a trusted advisor.

Education Funding Checklist

Not sure how to start saving for your child’s education? Our free checklist details what issues you should consider when looking to fund your child’s education, including 529 plans, the FAFSA, and other financial questions. Download our college education checklist today! 

Live a Life That Matters

Thinking Ahead and Preparing for the Loss of a Loved One

A step-by-step guide to making sure your wishes are honored when you’re gone and your loved ones can focus on what really matters during difficult times.