The InterFaith Health Clinic is a non-profit health care ministry in Knoxville, Tennessee providing affordable medical care, dental care, mental health counseling and prescription medications for the working uninsured.

Access to affordable health care can mean the difference between a worker out due to illness and a worker on the job. If people cannot afford to take care of their health, it interferes with their income producing ability, which quickly trickles down to affect their ability to meet all of their basic needs.

The mission of the InterFaith Health Clinic is to provide accessible, affordable, and quality health care to the low-income, working uninsured, and underserved, primarily through the support of the religious, health care, and business communities. These services are provided within the capacity of the clinic regardless of race, sex, creed, age, religion, national origin, or ability to pay.

Interfaith Health Clinic needs your help to continue to provide care to our community!