Real Financial Planning

There is no substitute for being well-informed for your financial well-being. We are financial planners and financial educators – we want you to understand your financial plan and your investment portfolio. We strive to make complex wealth management topics understandable and relatable to your personal financial circumstances. You can participate in our regular client education events. You can find our thoughts on a variety of financial planning topics on WBIR’s Sunday Money segment or our column in the Knoxville News Sentinel. From cradle to college to retirement to the “end of plan,” we provide real-time guidance and support to you and your family on almost any topic. Read more at our blog.

The Perfect Fit

We are more than numbers-crunchers. We provide an ongoing personal service relationship for your financial and wealth management needs. If you value respect, trustworthiness, genuine caring, competence, and objectivity, we might be the right personal financial planner for you. And, of course, pick us the same way you would choose other professionals in your life. We are happy to share our certifications, education, and background. We are real financial planners who provide real financial planning and investment management. We are accessible in person at our West Knoxville office, or by teleconference, or by meeting you at your location of choice or online. Learn more about us.

The Client Experience

We offer highly personalized wealth management services from Certified Financial Planners™ – financial advisors with decades of experience helping clients achieve their dreams. We are independent – we work for you, not Wall Street! We support you with a comprehensive and holistic approach to your financial plan.  What are your financial life goals and financial questions?  We are passionate about supporting your best decisions for retirement, investing, insurance, tax, estate, college, budgeting, debt management, and more. We are your information filter, your financial research team, your personal financial tutor. We do all this with resources and tools from industry leaders including Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Vanguard, Morningstar, Dimensional Fund Advisors and more. Our Process.

Evidence-Based Investing

Markets rise and fall, but real wealth is built brick by brick to create a durable portfolio that can support your short-term and long-term financial planning goals and dreams. We have a disciplined approach to investment management based on time-tested principles of investing and portfolio strategies that are based on decades of financial science. No sales pitches, no high-flying performance claims, no get-rich-quick schemes, just reality-based financial planning. If you want to know more about our approach to portfolio management and our core principles of investing, send us an email, and we’ll describe how our financial planners integrate your investment portfolio with your personal financial plan.