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Real Financial Planning

The APC Team



  • The #1 reason that clients give in surveys why they choose APC
  • 100% Independent 
  • We believe in fee transparency at all times


We are independent, we work for you not a Wall Street firm, or a bank, or an insurance company. We are fiduciaries, we place your well-being and best interests ahead of our own. We strive to be transparent, objective, consistent, and accurate. We work diligently to keep your information private and confidential. Integrity is just a word, but doing the right thing for you, every day in all our activities, is our business’s lifestyle. 



  • Over 2,850 clients served
  • We authentically care for our clients
  • Our client relationships are the core of our services


Life is often messy and challenging so we are in your corner. We’ve got your back with respect, empathy, encouragement, honesty and directness. We will advocate for you with financial institutions and product vendors. We will treat you with dignity and courtesy. We will communicate with you regularly. We will be accessible for questions, concerns, or simply for conversation.



  • Established in 1975
  • Over 150 years of combined experience
  • Our average client relationship is over 12 years
  • 60 of our current clients have been with APC for over 20 years


We never stop learning – continuing coursework and conference training are requirements at APC. We view terms such as humility, accountability, tradition and standards of excellence, financial conservatism, professionalism, loyalty, faith and family as the bedrock of who we are. Solid. Stable. Part of your financial foundation. 



  • Over 1,750 individual financial plans created
  • Financial planning is a helping profession.
  • We are committed to serving your personal financial goals and needs. 


We know that money is an important tool for building a fulfilling life and the definition of “success” is unique to each individual we serve. We dedicate our knowledge, experience, and wisdom to helping you make smart financial decisions. We know that if we serve you with excellence, if we support your financial literacy and learning, if we support your financial life plan in a holistic way, you can experience more peace of mind and happiness.