Who is Camp Ba Yo Ca?

Camp Ba Yo Ca is a non-profit 501c(3) organization supported through the generosity of individuals, churches, foundations, and businesses. 100% of the funds donated to the Child-to-Camp Campaign go directly to supporting a kid to attend Camp Ba Yo Ca.

What does Camp Ba Yo Ca do?

Camp Ba Yo Ca invests in Knoxville by developing leaders, providing a safe harbor for children in need, and allowing children the opportunity to grow spiritually and mentally. Camp Ba Yo Ca offers a wide array of outdoor, sporting, and artistic activities taught by their qualified full-time staff and counselors. With several teachers for every class, they are able to provide a fun experience no matter what level of ability a child has. They always allow volunteers to come work and support the camp.

What does Camp Ba Yo Ca mean to APC?

Words from Kathy Patty:

Camp has been in my heart since I was five years old. My family used to take our summer vacations at camp. My dad would work on whatever needed to be fixed, my mom was the camp nurse, and we kids would camp. I was a camper, a counselor, and a staff. When my children got old enough to go to camp, we would go up, and they would camp all summer, and I would cook. The joke for my family is that I could make 300 homemade biscuits but couldn’t make twelve. This summer, I will go and cook, and my granddaughter will camp, which means four generations in my family have been blessed to serve and attend Camp Ba-Yo-Ca. Thank you for supporting our local camp!

How can you help?

Donate Items: With many campers and counselors coming and going every week, the camp is in constant need of daily cleaning supplies. The following items are needed:

  • Paper Towels – quantity used: roughly 65 cases (30 rolls per case), cost: $28.26 per case
  • Toilet Paper – quantity used: roughly 40 cases (96 rolls per case), cost: $44.85 per case
  • Trash Bags Large White – quantity used: roughly 25 cases (100 bags per case), cost: $38.28 per case
  • Medium Black – Quantity used: roughly 15 cases (250 bags per case), cost: $37.48 per case
  • Bleach – quantity used: roughly 4 cases (6 gallons per case), cost: $11.85 per case
  • Hand Soap – quantity used: roughly 200 bottles, cost: $1.00 per bottle
  • Laundry Detergent – quantity used: roughly 15 jugs (32 loads per jug), cost: $6.00 per jug
  • Cleaner with Bleach – quantity used: roughly 25 bottles, cost: $1.50 per bottle
  • Windex – quantity used: roughly 30 bottles, cost: $1.50 per bottle
  • Multi-purpose Cleaner – quantity used: roughly 25 bottles, cost: $3.20 per bottle
  • Chlorine (for treating water) – quantity used: roughly 8 cases (4 gallon per case), cost: $6.50 per gallon

Donate Monetary Gifts: Your monetary gifts go to creating scholarship opportunities for children to attend camp. Attending camp is not something every kid gets to do. Camp Ba Yo Ca believes every kid should have that opportunity and they are striving to provide that.