Deposit Box Safety Measures

This week on WBIR, we discuss the use of a bank safe deposit box to store valuable papers and small assets. But is the box really safe? Are there alternatives? Paul Fain, president of Asset Planning Corporation joins us to look at your Sunday Money.     PAUL, WHAT ARE SOME THINGS THAT PEOPLE PUT

Stress-less Holiday Season

As the holiday seasons near, we are beginning to prepare ourselves both mentally and physically for all the festivities that are certain to accompany the season. As we think about the many paths this holiday season could take, I’d like to offer you a few of my personal tips for the long-anticipated parties, shopping sprees,

Social Security, Open Enrollment, and the Stock Market

Social Security, Open Enrollment, and the Stock Market – Paul Fain, Knoxville Certified Financial Planner and President of Asset Planning Corporation, has a grab bag of current events and news affecting your finances this week on WBIR’s Sunday Money. WHAT IS MAKING HEADLINES RIGHT NOW? Social Security announced a Cost Of Living Adjustment: 1.6% benefit