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I am grateful every day that I work in a firm culture that both encourages and supports continuing education at every level. As a financial planning professional, I have specific requirements for continuing education that must be met to maintain my CFP® designation, and there are certainly many ways to get those credits. APC’s culture


WBIR: Trump’s Tax Reform Plan

President Trump has introduced his tax reform plan and it appears that it will benefit most U.S. households but how will it affect YOUR money?  Paul was recently interviewed by NBC’s Knoxville affiliate, WBIR: VIDEO BELOW PAUL, WHAT ARE SOME OF THE MAIN PROVISIONS OF THE TRUMP TAX PROPOSAL? Doubles the Standard Deduction. Reduces or

Select a Financial Planner

How to Select a Financial Planner

How to Select a Financial Planner “Yippee-Ki-Yay” Welcome to the Wild Wild West also known as the U.S. financial advice industry. There are approximately 300,000 financial advisors in the U.S. according to Cerulli Associates. And arguably, the number of people who hold themselves out as comprehensive financial advisors and wealth managers is even greater, given