Look for Happiness, Opportunities in the Midst of Adversity

Look for Happiness, Opportunities in the Midst of Adversity Paul Fain, CFP® “Happy New Year!” many people exult, but maybe you aren’t feeling it. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding us as we head into the new year: inflation, war, investment volatility, a possible recession looming, waves of viruses. Many families are confronting life-threatening

Financial Planning After A Pay Raise

It’s a popular time of year for annual job performance reviews and corresponding pay raises. Along with celebrating this good news, it’s wise to think about how that increase in income can impact multiple financial decisions. Certified financial planner Suzanne Himes, with Asset Planning Corporation, has some of the changes to consider when our paychecks

How Do I Declutter My Finances? Keep, Pitch, or Consolidate?

Decluttering is certainly a popular concept these days. So why not go all “Marie Kondo” on your finances? What should you keep, pitch, or consolidate? Paul Fain, Knoxville Certified Financial Planner and President of Asset Planning Corporation, has some tips for how to declutter your finances this week on WBIR’s Sunday Money. THE STUFF JUST

How Much are Americans Spending for Back To School in 2019?

The National Retail Federation recently released a survey detailing back to school spending for the 2019 school year. Certified Financial Planner Paul Fain, President of Asset Planning Corporation, summarizes how much we are spending this year and the impact on our budgets this week on WBIR. WITH AREA SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES STARTING THIS MONTH, AMERICAN

Real Financial Planning or Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

“It just goes to show you, it’s always something — if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” real financial planning Remember Roseanna Roseannadanna? Gilda Radner’s Saturday Night Live character was the Weekend Update consumer affairs reporter with the catch phrase: “What are ya tryin’ to do, make me sick?!” I wonder what Roseanne would say