Risky Business

Risky Business | Suzanne Himes, CFP®   Why do we talk so much about risk assessment? The financial markets are always reacting to a variety of global events and this volatility can be unnerving for individual investors, especially if investing without first understanding one’s personal risk profile. So, how do you begin to decide how much

Social Security, Open Enrollment, and the Stock Market

Social Security, Open Enrollment, and the Stock Market – Paul Fain, Knoxville Certified Financial Planner and President of Asset Planning Corporation, has a grab bag of current events and news affecting your finances this week on WBIR’s Sunday Money. WHAT IS MAKING HEADLINES RIGHT NOW? Social Security announced a Cost Of Living Adjustment: 1.6% benefit

stock market lingo

WBIR: Stock Market Lingo

  When the stock market gyrates, especially those downturns in prices, millions of investors start watching the “ticker tape” – sometimes hour by hour. It is easy to get lost in the stock market lingo – here’s a quick glossary of terms.   LET’S START WITH TERMS LIKE “CORRECTION” AND “BEAR MARKET” – WHAT DO