Legacy Planning: Designating Your Beneficiaries

Legacy Planning: Designating Your Beneficiaries | Suzanne Himes, CFP® & Steve Carlson   According to the Investment Company Institute, total US retirement assets exceed $23 trillion, mostly in employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs. How these assets transfer to the next generation is a very important part of the financial planning process. Typically, these assets will pass

Here’s a Merry Approach to Mortality

Here’s a Merry Approach to Mortality | Paul Fain The holidays (normally) conjure warm images of large family gathering with dinners, gift exchanges, and merriment. The holidays are different this year. As the COVID pandemic is filling ICUs across the country, our mortality has entered the national conversation. With that in mind, here’s a seemingly macabre

CARES Act Economic Impact Payments: Great Expectations

One of the provisions of the CARES Act signed into law last month that has received the most press is the economic impact payments. These payments, also referred to as stimulus checks or recovery rebates, are desperately needed by many individuals at this time and are estimated to eventually reach over 90% of taxpayers. But

How The CARES Act Will Impact Retirement Plan Distributions

Opportunity Alert! The CARES Act impact on retirement plan distributions in 2020   Are you planning on a retirement account distribution this year? Whether you had planned on required distributions but wish you could leave funds alone, or you now need a distribution to make financial ends meet, the CARES Act has some very important

What You Need To Know To Keep Savings on Track

This past week was designated as America Saves Week, which is an annual call to action for everyday Americans to commit to saving successfully. In honor of this event, which is now in its 13th year, certified financial planner Suzanne Himes is here with some tips and strategies for our own savings goals.   

How to Choose An Executor For Your Will

According to surveys, more than half of American adults don’t have a Last Will and Testament. While the reasons for this vary, one stumbling block can be choosing an executor. Suzanne Himes, lead financial planner at Asset Planning Corporation, joins us with what to consider in selecting someone for this important role.     

What Are Digital Assets and How Can I Store Them?

Most of us have “digital assets”; in fact, there are 271 million North American Internet users. However, many times planning for digital assets is overlooked, even when it involves financial or business assets. Certified Financial Planner and Money Man Paul Fain discusses our digital assets this week on Sunday Money. WHAT ARE DIGITAL ASSETS? These