Financial Planning After A Pay Raise

It’s a popular time of year for annual job performance reviews and corresponding pay raises. Along with celebrating this good news, it’s wise to think about how that increase in income can impact multiple financial decisions. Certified financial planner Suzanne Himes, with Asset Planning Corporation, has some of the changes to consider when our paychecks

Secure Act

The New Year brings us some new retirement account rules in the form of the SECURE Act, which was signed into law by the President right before the holidays. Suzanne Himes, lead financial planner at Asset Planning Corporation is here with some of the highlights of this important legislation and what it means for our

Social Security, Open Enrollment, and the Stock Market

Social Security, Open Enrollment, and the Stock Market – Paul Fain, Knoxville Certified Financial Planner and President of Asset Planning Corporation, has a grab bag of current events and news affecting your finances this week on WBIR’s Sunday Money. WHAT IS MAKING HEADLINES RIGHT NOW? Social Security announced a Cost Of Living Adjustment: 1.6% benefit

About To Graduate? Here Are Five Things To Do Now!

Usually when we financial planners speak of financial independence, we’re referring to “retirement.” However, I strongly believe that the range of financial decisions that come with attaining adulthood (often accompanied by graduation around the same time) are just as critical – if not more so – than planning for retirement. After all, the foundational choices