Real Financial Planning or Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

“It just goes to show you, it’s always something — if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” real financial planning Remember Roseanna Roseannadanna? Gilda Radner’s Saturday Night Live character was the Weekend Update consumer affairs reporter with the catch phrase: “What are ya tryin’ to do, make me sick?!” I wonder what Roseanne would say

How Should I Invest? – 2019 Trends in Investing Survey

The “2019 Trends in Investing Survey” was published earlier this month in the Journal of Financial Planning. Our Money Man, Certified Financial Planner Paul Fain, joins us now to review the survey’s findings. ACCORDING TO THE SURVEY, WHAT ARE FINANCIAL ADVISERS RECOMMENDING TO THEIR INVESTMENT CLIENTS? 88%        Exchange-Traded Funds (increased from 40 percent of advisers

What Is An IPO?

Facebook, Blue Apron, Pinterest, Lyft and Uber – what do they have in common? All of these companies made their stock available to investors in Initial Public Offerings, or IPOs. What is an IPO and should we invest in one? Certified Financial Planner Paul Fain provides the answers this week on Sunday Money.   PAUL,