ABLE Accounts

Most of us realize that personal savings are important for our financial stability. Along with traditional bank and investment accounts, there are also some specialized opportunities to save and invest and one example is the ABLE account. Suzanne Himes, lead financial planner at Asset Planning Corporation, is here to help explain how ABLE accounts work

Secure Act

The New Year brings us some new retirement account rules in the form of the SECURE Act, which was signed into law by the President right before the holidays. Suzanne Himes, lead financial planner at Asset Planning Corporation is here with some of the highlights of this important legislation and what it means for our

How To Beat Financial Procrastination

PAUL FAIN: BEAT FINANCIAL PROCRASTINATION BY SETTING EASY GOALS “Procrastination is my sin, it brings me constant sorrow. I really shouldn’t practice it. Perhaps I’ll stop tomorrow.” Why do we procrastinate, especially on matters of financial importance? Often it is because the task is unpleasant or difficult. In other circumstances, we are avoiding an embarrassing

Giving Responsibly

The holidays are a season of giving and for most charities this is their primary fundraising period for the year. With so many worthy causes, how can you create a responsible giving strategy for your financial plan? Paul Fain, President of Asset Planning Corporation, discusses some financially stable ways to give this holiday season.  

Pet Costs

More than half of all Americans own pets and they are popular Christmas gifts, whether it’s a dog, cat, or guinea pig. But after the holidays will Fido break your bank account? Paul Fain, president of Asset Planning Corporation joins us to talk about the doggie in the window.    PAUL, PETS BRING COMPANIONSHIP