CARES Act Economic Impact Payments: Great Expectations

One of the provisions of the CARES Act signed into law last month that has received the most press is the economic impact payments. These payments, also referred to as stimulus checks or recovery rebates, are desperately needed by many individuals at this time and are estimated to eventually reach over 90% of taxpayers. But

How The CARES Act Will Impact Retirement Plan Distributions

Opportunity Alert! The CARES Act impact on retirement plan distributions in 2020   Are you planning on a retirement account distribution this year? Whether you had planned on required distributions but wish you could leave funds alone, or you now need a distribution to make financial ends meet, the CARES Act has some very important

Stress-less Holiday Season

As the holiday seasons near, we are beginning to prepare ourselves both mentally and physically for all the festivities that are certain to accompany the season. As we think about the many paths this holiday season could take, I’d like to offer you a few of my personal tips for the long-anticipated parties, shopping sprees,